Getting Married
9th February

Sneha Chaturvedi

Christian Teixeira

Our Story

Our Sweet love story

How we met:

June 6, 2014

Although Christian and Sneha grew up just 5 miles away from each other, their paths didn’t cross until 2013. Both had received competitive scholarships to attend American Heritage high school, in Plantation, Florida. For their freshman year, Sneha and Christian had different friend groups and minimal interaction until the last day of class. Suddenly, they had a conversation before leaving for the summer and exchanged numbers to stay in touch. Over the course of high school, they got closer and closer, first starting their relationship June 6, 2014. While young and naïve, Christian and Sneha both knew they had found something special.

Marriage Proposal

December 10, 2022

Over eight years later, Christian and Sneha now live in St. Louis with their dog Shoto. Their favorite place to visit on the weekends is the St. Louis Botanical Gardens, where they can walk for hours through the beautifully curated and maintained plant diversity. In particular, they enjoy the Climatron, a greenhouse with tropical plants from around the world, including many plants from Christian and Sneha’s cultural backgrounds. On December 10, 2022, a time of year when Sneha was looking for greenery in the middle of a cold winter, Christian took her to the Botanical Gardens. There, in the Climatron underneath a waterfall, he got down on one knee and proposed.

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